Privacy Policy

1. Data controller

Search & Selection - S & S Consulting Oy Ab
Business ID: 2373027-6
Address: Itälahdenkatu 15–17 A, 00210 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 9 686 0570

2. Data protection officer

Sanna Leppäluoto
Itälahdenkatu 15–17 A, 00210 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 50 344 6864 or +358 9 686 0570

3. Register name

Candidate Register - Search & Selection – S&S Consulting Oy Ab

4. Purposes of the personal data processing

Search & Selection – S&S Consulting Oy Ab is a recruitment company. Our business is based on finding appropriate candidates and presenting them to clients. Assignments are based on clients’ needs and desire to offer employment to persons who meet the position's requirements.

The legitimate interest for processing personal data is based on agreement made by S&S and the client.

The primary purpose for the use of personal data is the execution of recruitment services. The register includes personal data from people who have listed themselves as job applicants and potential candidates through S&S Consulting.

The Candidate Register contains data presented by the applicant or collected for the register from public sources. This personal data includes:

5. Regular data sources

Collected personal data is gathered primarily from the candidate by phone, e-mail, our recruitment system, personal meetings or other ways. Personal data from public sources is also collected in the register: like magazines, membership registers, company websites, purchased databases and contact information registers. Furthermore, data from aptitude assessments is entered in the register when the candidate has given his/her permission for this on a separate form.

6. Regular information disclosure and transfer outside the EU or the EEA

S&S Consulting only discloses the personal data of applicants to commissioning employers. Without permission we do not disclose personal data outside the EU. Personal data is also not disclosed for direct marketing purposes.

S&S Consulting may disclose personal data according to the limitations and obligations of current legislation.

7. Register protection principles

All candidate-related data held by S&S Consulting is processed confidentially and may only be disclosed to people who need it in their duties and are bound to secrecy.

The stored information is protected by technical measures. Physical access to data is prevented by access control and other security measures. Access to data is subject to sufficient rights and a multi-stage authentication process. Unauthorised access is also prevented by firewalls and other technical protection measures. The data in the register can only be accessed by the controller and separately named technical personnel. The registered data is backed up securely and can be restored as necessary.

8. Right of access

Candidates have the right to know what data is stored in the register regarding them. This data must be provided to the person requesting it in an understandable format. The candidate requesting the information must present a specific access request to S&S Consulting. The request may be made by visiting the S&S Consulting office in person and submitting to an identity check. Access requests may not be made by phone. The data must be provided within three months and in an understandable format – for example, any abbreviations and codes must be explained. This access request may be made free of charge once a year and may otherwise be subject to an access fee.

9. Right to data portability between systems

Data subjects have the right to request the transfer of their data (CV) from one system to another.

10. Right to file a complaint with the control authority

Data subjects have the right to file a complaint with the control authority in the country of their permanent residence or occupation, or where the alleged security breach has taken place.

11. Right to erasure

Candidates have the right to correct their information and request that they be forgotten. These requests must be submitted in writing. S&S Consulting will then rectify the data in the system or destroy the applicant's data. The data subject's name and phone number will be kept to retain a record of the request in our system; these will not be used to contact the person or to recruit them in the future.

12. Consent for the processing of personal data

By contacting us or visiting our website the candidate gives us the permission to process personal data according to this privacy policy statement. The processing of personal data is not based on consent or express permission, except in the case of those persons we present to our clients after the person has consented.

Updated: 6 September 2018