Aptitude Assessment

Our aptitude assessment, conducted by a certified assessor, provides deep insights into an applicant's motivation, strengths, areas of development, and capabilities. The assessment gives you additional tools for candidate comparison.

Only a psychologist certified by the Finnish Psychological Association conducts assessments for us. Our extensive and diverse experience, along with the resulting insight, is our undeniable strength. This is why we maintain long-term client relationships in the field of assessments as well.

At our company, recruitment process and aptitude assessments are conducted by the same team, making the assessment a natural and strong part of the entire process – and from the client's perspective, it is also extremely easy to implement.

In our aptitude assessments, we always act with respect for the individual. Our goal is to provide a positive candidate experience for every applicant and, in doing so, support a positive employer image for the client. We continuously measure the customer experience, and according to the feedback we have received, we are not only professional but also approachable. For candidates, the assessment process offers an opportunity to reflect on their professional goals and motivation factors.

We recommend aptitude assessments when:

Benefits of Aptitude Assessment:

Career Path Assessment

Career path assessment supports employees career development and the efficient utilization of human resources. Our assessments are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

We recommend career path assessment when:

Benefits of Career Path Assessment:

We can also support employees' professional development with our coaching services.

For more information on assessments, please contact:

Sanna Leppäluoto