Aptitude assessment

In our aptitude assessments, we show respect for individuals. According to the feedback, our candidates and clients find us approachable. We act as an employer brand ambassador for the client company. For the candidate, the assessment process gives a good opportunity to reflect his/her career goals and motivation.

Aptitude assessments are conducted to confirm that the candidate’s personality, working style and potential for development meet the requirements of the position and match the working environment. We work with the client to define the competences required for the position. We perform aptitude assessments using a comprehensive multi-method approach. Our assessments are always carried out by psychologists certified by the Finnish Psychological Association.

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Steps of aptitude assessment

When to conduct an aptitude assessment

The benefits of aptitude assessment

Career path assessment

Career path assessments support the career development of the personnel and enhance the utilisation of human resources. Our assessments are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

The benefits of career path assessment

When to conduct career path assessment

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