Proven Quality

A competent and reliable recruitment partner


Long-term client relationships and excellent feedback are evidence of the professional skills and high-quality service that you will find at S&S Consulting.

Service excellence for over 25 years

In the recruitment business, a long history and long-term client relationships are signs of high-quality service: clients are likely to use our services again after a successful recruitment process.

We have a long history of operations in Finland which has given us deep insight into Finnish working life. Our contacts are always up-to-date, because we are in contact with thousands of individuals every year and are constantly replenishing our contact network with new assets.

We want to be forerunners in the business by constantly developing our working methods on the basis of our solid competence and according to feedback received.

Surveying customer satisfaction

We gather feedback on all our assignments both from our clients and from candidates for the positions.

Our practises are verified by affirmative customer feedback and we duly note where we can develop our services further. Our clients are especially satisfied with our recruitment results and service orientation.