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360° feedback

Managerial assessment based on 360° feedback is an efficient way to gain a complete picture of the current state of management, as well as potential areas for development. 360° feedback is a systematic tool for assessing and strengthening the managerial behaviour of supervisors in your organisation.

When to use 360° feedback

Management audits

managent audit, recruitment services

Management audits are conducted to determine the current state of management and operations and to identify managerial resources and development needs at the individual and team level. The audit process is based on the management goals set by the organisation.

Management audits usually involve interviews carried out by two consultants, as well as assessment methods selected on a case-by-case basis.

The benefits of management audit

When to conduct a management audit

Recruitment training

A well-managed recruitment process ensures that the right person is found for each open position. It also helps to reinforce the employer and company brand of the organisation. We plan recruitment training according to our client company’s needs and wishes.

The benefits of recruitment training

When to utilise recruitment training

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