S&S Consulting – your competent partner


We provide various assessment and audit services to support recruitment and development of organisations and staff.

The foundations for our high-quality assessments and audits include:

  • Specifying the desired competences in detail together with the client and tailoring implementation according to position and company.
  • Personal assessments are carried out by Licensed Psychologists and certified experts on personal psychological assessments.
  • Multi-method assessments consisting of interviews and various occupational psychology assessments. Assessments and audits are carried out using modern methods that are tested for reliability.
  • We apply best practises of personal assessments and comply with relevant legislation.
  • Assessments and audits are tailored according to specific needs taking into account different goals respecting participants’ privacy and assignment confidentiality. Mass assessments are not used.
  • Our expert consultants interpret the data gathered using relevant assessment methods and compile summaries of the results.
  • Results are presented in a clear and concise manner focusing on relevance to the customer’s business.